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ZHENZXING was founded in Shenzhen with registered capital of RMB 1 million in 2009, It had through the ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system, our products through the UL94 - where V0,
We are a big family with nearly 100 staff, With the business growing, we registered a subsidiary companies in Hong Kong in 2013, and set up another new company with the registered capital of 10 million in Jiangxi in 2014
Main products: synthetic graphite flake, natural flake graphite, high thermal conductive silicone (cream), high thermal conductive silicone, potting glue, silica gel shade, buffer, silica gel sheets (skin), EMI shielding materials, absorbing materials and electronic materials. Among electronic materials (for the customers' special research and development), it is currently the largest domestic, the most complete of product thermal conductive materials, insulation materials, shielding materials, microwave absorbing materials, and become one of the integrated solution provider
our winning way is as the satisfy customers for a center, with excellent quality, quick response and the flexibility, and now we have a long-term cooperation partner, like Changhong, Panasonic, Foxconn, Zhongxing and Huawei ZHENZXING will continue to face the different challenge, in order to become a renowned industry brand, a world-class new material leading technology companies to fight in the future.


The spirit of ZHENZXING

Credibility,Is a way of doing business is even more fundamental precept the,It is a true portrayal of our company's development, but also our style of dealing everything .Integrity, it show us be generous, expansive mind doing things, implies the courage to face the reality, and the spirit of carve.With it, we get the important position in the domestic market, and win a high reputation of Zhenzhixing by high quality product.We attracted so many Talent from across the country,we work together ,and Create a bright future for zhenzhixing .Market-oriented economy is a way of credit economy,Enterprises in good faith treat people;in-company,it can make all the staff enhance the rally power and emotional appeal,it makes our staff as one heart;in external,it Can attract internal and external marketing partner in a variety of professions;it makes zhenzhixing flourish and grow forever.
Innovation,Is power lines of company development,in the strong market competition,Enterprise have to self denial ,find something new in what is old,and then will not be defeated forever.Innovation means to discard old ideas, old systems, old practices, doing things that no one has so far attempted.Innovation will not smooth sailing ,in the past ,we depend on creativity in management,technological innovation and market innovation, reduce the cost of production,raising product quality ,escalation the type of products,the level of management and humanistic environment with change rapidly ,In the future,we have to with spirit of innovation and innovation mechanism to enlarge development potential of our company and improve company competition ability, and leave our step in the Thermal conductivity world.
Leading,Is our common ideal,Is the goal of our constant pursuit .if not as leading it will be fall behind when will discarded by history.At the age of new economic rapid change,only the strong survive. In pursuit of lead, in pursuit of lead, our industrial scale has been from annual income 3000000 developed to the leader of thermal conductivity in China .we are on the way of high conductivity and high quality extension.Either Strive for excellence or nothing to do .and to be first one.And the leading of we talk is omnibearing,Not only the output, quality, variety of leading, management, but also the efficiency and culture to be leader.Lead in China is not enough ,we wanna be the World leader of the thermal conductivity for leading is no bounds.


the enterprise as the independence with the enterprise for employees, respect their personality, value concept and basic rights,
sTo make them pursuit of their self-worth and agree the enterprise's objective. thus achieve the personal development and enterprise development.

Our service tenet: to provide customers with the highest quality and highest efficiency service,
with customers to maintain good relations of cooperation!



We advocated the concept of efficiency, it means "the economics in the sense of efficiency", namely economic resources configuration and production status. in particular to comparison input and output or the costs and benefits


Our team

 Team is a mutual cooperation group and with a common goals.
one might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own special field. In a team, everyone has their own advantages, but they are also relative advantage. a excellent team can Use their expertise to avoid it short. through to combine with the individual advantages, can come into being a big power.

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