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Thermal conductive silicone manufacturer

Our company (shenzhen thermal conductive silicon sheet manufacturers selling price | shenzhen double-sided adhesive manufacturers selling price of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of graphite piece manufacturers selling price | | shenzhen shenzhen thermal conductive material manufacturers selling price), the thermal conductivity of insulating materials is mainly engaged in electronic science and technology development, production and sales, to provide all kinds of thermal insulation shockproof materials. Flame retardant fire prevention performance meet to the requirement of U.L 94 v - 0, and conform to the eu SGS environmental protection certification and ROHS requirements.

Thermal conductive silicone is a new generation of heat dissipation material, can solve the heat dissipation module and cooling plate surface is not smooth, contact is not good problem, using thermal conductive silicone piece, its surface is populated, good heat dissipation effect.

It has high thermal conductivity, insulation, shockproof, flame retardant, antistatic, high temperature resistant function, can effectively prevent the power module and electronic components damage and aging, can effectively extend the service life, improve product stability and reliability.

Our factory supply: thermal interface materials and thermal conductive filler materials and thermal conductive filler gasket, fill glue, thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity silica gel, thermal conductive silicone pad, thermal conductivity of graphite, graphite cooling film, potting glue, double-sided adhesive of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity, heat tape, phase change materials and thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity silicon film, insulation tape, thermal conductive silicone, soft silicone pad, thermal silicone skin, K - 10 silicon film, thermal conductive silicone rubber, silicone gasket, a cooling pad, flexible thermal conductive pad, thermal heat dissipation cotton, thermal conductive silicone, thermal conductive silicone, silicone cap set, encapsulation, insulation hat set, thermal insulation, silicone casing, high temperature resistant insulating particles, insulator. Such as heat management interface material

Company products are widely used light electricity industry (flat-panel displays, outdoor displays, LCD TV, TFT, LCD, built-in power supply module, a backlight module, modules, LED lighting lamps and lanterns), computer industry, notebook computers, tablet computers, computer peripheral equipment, PC host, workstations, network servers, PC server, Internet industry (switches, hubs, routers, network CARDS, modems, transmission equipment), household appliances industry (water dispenser, induction cooker, air conditioning) communications industry (smart phones, walkie-talkies) other industries (semiconductor lighting equipment, test/control medical equipment, power supply module), etc

Our aim is: "with the service and sincerity in exchange for your trust and support, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, create a win-win!"

Integrity-based, quality first, customer first, we have always the pursuit of product quality and service make you satisfied. We believe that with your support we will do better!

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