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Zhenzhixing supply and thermally conductive graphite flake

Shenzhen Zhenzhixing supply and thermally conductive graphite plate thermal interface materials plant in shenzhen

ZZX - 350 thermally conductive gasket has the ability of heat conduction and conduction. Its unique directionally aligned particles, are similar to the organizational structure of the metal, to ensure the electrical conductivity, can joint heat exchange surface at the same time, guarantee the effect of thermal conductivity. Thermally conductive gasket has good flexibility and mechanical properties, in the environment of the 50 ℃ -- 200 ℃ can normal work, after the pressure recovery is good, small deformation. Thermally conductive gasket liner of thermal conductivity of thermal impedance is very small, can completely replace the high performance of thermal conductive grease, at the same time to avoid the poor thermal conductivity grease manufacturability and dirty and other shortcomings.

Thermally conductive gasket ZZX - 350 thermal conductivity is 3 d, which is not only in the vertical direction of the heat source and heat sink can be a good thermal conductivity, also can on the longitudinal heat conduction, this ensures that the local heat is too high, can through the longitudinal heat conduction properties will heat conduction out quickly. Therefore, ZZX - 350 thermally conductive gasket is very adapt to in a small space efficient transfer of heat produced by the heat.


Thermally conductive gasket ZZX - 350 typical applications:

A semiconductor device heat conduction;

2 most power generation equipment and power equipment, power supply module of the thermal conductivity

Thermally conductive gasket supply of standard size is 300 x450mm, also can supply rolls. Can be single-sided lamination.

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