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Artificial graphite flake

Ultra-thin high heat conduction
Craft: after 38 hours high temperature carbonization, super high temperature graphitization 24 hours a day

  • Natural flake graphite

    High thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance
    Process: 1 mm below can be customized coil

  • 01

    Natural flake graphite heat

    Color is black, the material is natural graphite through fine processing, coefficient of thermal conductivity in horizontal direction is as high as 1500 w/M - K

  • 02

    Natural flake graphite application side

    It is applied to intelligent mobile phones, notebook computers, communications equipment, handheld devices, video camera/digital camera and a mobile phone, etc.

Thermal conductive silicone piece
High thermal conductivity, passed UL certification and shock

Process: manual and mechanized perfect combination

Thermal conductive silicone

High thermal conductivity, low oil, low volatile, long service life.

Thermal conductive silicone with organic silicone as the main raw material, add heat, heat conduction performance of the material, made of heat conduction type organic silicone compound.
Used in power amplifier, transistors, electron tubes, electronic components such as CPU of the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, so as to ensure the electrical properties of electronic instruments, meters, etc.

Pouring sealant of thermal conductivity

Heat conduction performance is good, good sealing performance and waterproof insulation

Pouring sealant of thermal conductivity is a two-component silicone potting glue, of thermal conductivity in a wide range of temperature and humidity, can be long-term reliable protection of sensitive circuits and components, with excellent electrical insulation properties, can reduce the pollution of the environment, avoid due to environmental factors such as stress and vibration and damp to the product damage, especially suitable for filling and sealing material with good sex of cooling products.

Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive

The heat conduction performance is good, large compressibility, super viscous

To adapt to the wide temperature range, can fill the uneven surface, can close tightly joint heat source and heat sink device, the heat conduction out quickly.

Thermal conductivity of mud
No settlement, stored at room temperature, excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, radiation resistance and excellent dielectric properties.

Applicable to the power module, integrated chips, power supply module, automotive electronics, controller, telecommunications equipment, etc.

Conductive silicone (conductive paste)

Good electric conductivity, good thermal conductivity, good resistance to corrosion and reduce the thermal resistance, suitable for metal joint, electronic components, isolating switch, etc.

One-component silicone

Heat conduction performance is good, super sticky relay and durability, easy to use

One-component silicone is a mobile, one-component room temperature curable silicone rubber, curing by moisture from the atmosphere inspired

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